Promoting the “Author and Finisher of our Faith”   - Heb.12:2
Nothing Lasts Forever…But
   The bad news is that nothing in this world lasts. Name it, and you’ll find it either breaks, fades, wears-out, or dies. The one thing that might come close to lasting in this world is an author’s writings…but alas, these too typically only reach their own generation. Very few are read down though the centuries, but even those which have endured all these years are read mainly in college classes rather than gaining a popularity by today's reading public. Seriously, how many of us are actually reading Plato, Aristotle, Kant, or Chaucer? Very few historical authors have survived outside the ivory towers of higher learning. Shakespeare being one of the few exceptions. Now try to name five more.
   Today over 250,000 books are published annually. How many of those will be read 100 years from now? 1,000? Maybe one or two, if any. But one book has come down through the ages and is read daily by thousands: the Bible. Its story is timeless, teaching us about the fall of mankind into sin and the long history of God’s redemption culminating in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world. Nothing in this world lasts but one thing: the human soul. Find out all about it in the book that has been the world’s best seller since the invention of the printing press. I recommend it as the means of salvation; the source of comfort and peace, and the go-to book for learning about our Creator and loving God.

About the Author

George A. Warren is a graduate of Boston Baptist College. Pastoring in Rhode Island since 1989, he has been a contributing editor of nationally distributed Bible lessons and daily devotions for over 25 years through "Partners in Ministry." He is a former adjunct professor at the New England Baptist Theological Institute in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.


G.A. Warren has a wide range of writing styles, including: biblical resource material, fiction, non-fiction, and children's books. His interests include travel, writing, scuba diving, astronomy, and a bit of landscaping in the backyard.


Pastor Warren and his wife Patricia have four children and five grandchildren.

     Pastor George Warren is a former contributing editor for "Partners in Ministry." For over 26 years he wrote numerous Bible lessons for our monthly devotional magazines Dwell (for adults) and Fuel (for teenagers). We have also used his writings for our book publication entitled, Family Time With God.

     Pastor Warren's writing is clear, effective and persuasive. He gives an enhanced understanding on the subject he is writing about, and he does it convincingly, using intellectual appeals along with interesting, true-to-life illustrations. His writing appeals to the audience he is targeting, and is easily one of our favorite authors with both teenage and adult readers. Our audience appreciates his work. He is a master in the art of writing.

- Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Ward, Sr., Partners in Ministry

Via Email - "I have to tell you what a wonderful book this is! I wanted you to know that it was a very special night for Joseph and I...Starr Light and the Christmas Story will be treasured forever...I just took a moment tonight after reading your book with my special little guy and just had to thank the Lord for using your talent to witness to our special little people."                                                                              - Karen L.(Rhode Island)