Promoting the “Author and Finisher of our Faith”   - Heb.12:2
The following fiction works are currently in the hands of publishers awaiting their approval. Come back often for updates.
Mystery Treasure:
from the Missionary Adventures of Tommy & Tami Roberts

This pre-teen read is packed with excitement as “the twins” Tommy and Tami Roberts find themselves rushing down the Kanala River in the Amazon seeking help for their parents following a plane crash. in the meantime
Tommy and Tami learn of a missing treasure for the Mandara tribe and set their hearts on finding answers to the mystery and perhaps the treasure itself. Would their answers be found at the 30-year old crash site where a missionary’s plane went down or would they find answers in one of the nearby burial caves?
This science-fiction thriller is an allegory based on the reality of I Thessalonians 4:13-17, depicting the second coming of Jesus Christ. Jon Visitor is caught in a web of intrigue as a Therion guard serving the prime leader of Arris, his home world. Jon soon discovers the Sojourner’s are not the threat to his planet he was led to believe but instead the final hope for a dying world.